23rd August 2021 – First News Article!
Jocee Flows finally creates a smooth rotating windmill with Animate! 
She explains her process – here with you today:
 "Hello Dear Readers!
There was quite a few errors before I got this one right! But, I used 3 different Adobe programs to create this little windmill, so it was quite hard work – isn't it beautiful? 😍
Firstly, I used Illustrator to create the sky, the trees, the footpath, the building, the pretty patterns, and the rotors.
Secondly, over to Photoshop to separate into layers. I used 4 layers – the background layer (the sky, trees), the footpath layer (so I could adjust it to where it looked best – just in case). Then, the building gets its own layer, and then its the rotors layer –  and that's the only layer that needs to be animated). 
Finally, over to Adobe Animate. And basically – just import the layers onto 'the stage' – as it's known on Animate. Select the Rotors layer and convert to symbol in Properties – Object. 
Then extend timeline to 240, and  insert keyframe. Transform and rotate to 360, then click on any frame, and create Classic Tween in Timeline. Choose Properties – Frame – Tweening and choose Clockwise. 
That's it! Press – Test Movie – and watch how it flows! You can design your backgrounds in Animate, but I like to play with Illustrator."
Well, thanks for the basics JoceeFlows. There are full lesson plans on Adobe Animate if you would like a more thorough lesson.  
Jocee Flows will be busy again this week, tidying up her website and finally, getting things prepared for her new Grand Opening. 
She tells me that recent events in the world have taken a slice of her creativity, but she ensures me that life is flowing a lot more smoothly for her now.
After all, isn't life all about the Ebbs and Flows?!
Back next week – 27th August ... For Jocee Flows Friday!

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